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VPN related topics are always popular here , so how about going for a completely home-made VPN ?
Get in touch with your inner Sheldon , so to speak .

" Add water , makes it's own sauce "

Well , pretty much the opposite of that in reality , but a " roll your own" VPN can still be done , and cheaply !

Here are a few pointers for anyone who is interested ( or even still reading this post :) )

Reading up on Hamachi is a good place to start ( although this could probably be done with OpenVPN , at a stretch )

And if you are feeling extra-geeky , take a look at Streisand ( no , not Barbra , but there is a strange connection )
How to make your own Virtual Private Server ( or a Streisand server ) :-

The VPN You Should Be Using
streisand/ at master · jlund/streisand · GitHub

You can finally throw away all doubts about logging policies , etc. - you will be in charge !

Quite a good little project , it might help with the January blues .... the general dullness .