Level 61
The latest development snapshot of Opera 11.10 codenamed Barracuda provides early adopters with a much more reliable release compared to previous testing Builds, thanks to a number of stability improvements introduced.

Opera Software provided no less than two Builds of Opera 11.10 Beta on April 5th, enhancing user experience, but also providing new goodies for developers to play around with.

Opera 11.10 Beta Build 2079 allows web devs to build projects that leverage the HTML5 File API.

Ruarí Ødegaard did warn that support for this particular application programming interface is not at 100% just yet, but added that the Norway-based browser vendor is working to remedy this.

As far as the current Beta Build of Opera 11.10 is concerned however, FileReader, Files in HTMLInputElement, FileReaderSync in WebWorkers, Blob interface, File interface, FileException in WebWorkers, FileError and Blob.slice() are all supported.