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Sony confirms that it's going to release a brand new PS4 firmware update, which takes the console's software to version 2.01 and which should fix some of the rest mode issues that have been reported by plenty of users after installing last week's firmware 2.00.

The PlayStation 4 console has been around for almost one whole year, and in the meantime, Sony has made sure that owners of the new console enjoy not just great games, but also a stable experience by releasing plenty of small firmware updates.

Even if many users appreciated the new releases, there was still a hunger for major new features and Sony tried to satisfy that by releasing firmware update 2.00, which included all sorts of major new mechanics, from SharePlay to live themes and much more.
PS4 firmware update 2.00 brought some issues
Unfortunately, the new release also brought alongside it a rather pesky issue that happened when owners put their PS4 devices into the rest mode, which allowed it to remain in a low power state and instantly come online if updates or the PS Vita Remove Play function demanded it.

Once setting the console into the low power state, many users found that the device wouldn't turn back on, or if it did come online, it had issues the next time it was turned on.

A fix or workaround for the problem hasn’t been available in the last few days, but Sony has pledged to continue monitoring the problem in order to find a solution.
A new system software is coming soon
Now, it seems that the work has paid off, as Sony confirms on its PlayStation Twitter account that a brand new PS4 firmware update will go live in the following hours around the world.

The new system software update that takes the PS4 to version 2.01 is set to specifically target "issues some users have encountered when powering on the system from Rest Mode," according to the announcement.

As of yet, it's unclear when the actual firmware update is going live for the PS4, but you can expect that, in the following hours, the new system software update will be available via the PlayStation Network. As such, you might want to hook up your console to the internet and ensure that it remains active, instead of going into rest mode and once again causing issues.

You can bet that Sony is working hard on more firmware updates for its PS4 console that should appear in the following months.
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