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Windows 10
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
I downloaded Adware Medic and it detected nothing.

James Perez

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Recently, I downloaded a file that was supposed to be a zip file but downloaded a .dmg on my MB Pro Mid-2012 | V: 10.10.3. Immediately, I felt suspicious of it because it was suppose to be a zip file. Ran it through virustotal and Dr. Web detected: Adware.Downware.11084; I did not install the file or even opened it. I put the file in the trash and empty my trash soon after the incident. I been searching through the discussion page for any related issue or an answer to my question so... now, my question is am I infected (I did not open or install it)? Another question is: do you have to install the file for the malware to infected my computer or are you immediately infected once the file is downloaded? (since, I just read a post from this same website that in order for your android to infected by the malware/adware the application must be installed. Does that imply for any system?)