Dr Web Security Space vs Norton Security Deluxe

  • Dr Web Security Space 11

  • Norton Security Deluxe 22

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amir 957

Level 4
Malware Hunter
Hi guys:)
i want to know your opinion upon these products
wich one has better protection against Ransomware, better BB, database, protection, web protection and wich uses less resource.2
I don't know much about Dr web because they are not so good at marketing
wich you prefer?


Level 3
Norton deals with local files by depending on their BB (SONAR) more than signatures which mostly takes from few seconds to a minute to analyze a single suspicious files, which IMO isn't productive and just waste of time. Their web filter is pretty good and a very good non-intrusive firewall.

Dr.Web has a very good signatures, offensive webfilter, good firewall (requires user input on unknown connections by default),offers so many settings to customize. Last time I've tested (today) there's a noticeable slow-down, especially while opening a folder with lots of executable files.

IMO, the better protection against ransomware is to backup your important data online or into an external drive.


Level 27
Both have a good firewall but I like dr.web firewall.
Both have a good behavior blocker but in dr.web you need to config the behavior blocker.
In my opinion DR.web signature>norton.
Norton has bonuses features like cleaning the trace cookies but dr.web don't.
Norton has no privacy because it's from the USA.
Norton is expensive while dr.web security space is cheap!
I would pick Dr.web.