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Hacked Dunkin' Donuts accounts are now being sold on Dark Web forums.

Dunkin' Donuts announced today that it was the victim of a credential stuffing attack during which hackers gained access to customer accounts.

This marks the second time in three months that the coffee shop chain notifies users of account breaches following credential stuffing attacks.

Credentials stuffing is a cyber-security term that describes a type of cyber-attack where hackers take combinations of usernames and passwords leaked at other sites and use them to gain (illegal) access on accounts on new sites.

Dunkin' Donuts reported a first credential stuffing attack at the end of November (the actual attack occurred on October 31). Today, the company reported a second credential stuffing attack (attack happened on January 10).

Just like in the first, hackers used user credentials leaked at other sites to gain entry to DD Perks rewards accounts, which provide repeat customers with a way to earn points and use them to get free beverages or discounts for other Dunkin' Donuts products.


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So glad I don't indulge in this fatty, nasty Dunkin crap, just like McDonalds, same kind of hack deal. These outfits rake in huge amounts of money every day, yet don't take the measures to protect their customers from crimes like this. Not like Dunkin wasn't warned already--what, three months ago ?

If you have to indulge in a diabetes-inducing "food" item there, best pay in cash, right?