ESET has good defended in the test. On URLs, only two URLs have not blocked. One was blocked at runtime, ESET has detected the malware code. The second is missed . On the pack, ESET miss 15 malware. 5 malware is installed. Norton detects some files, the system is infected. ESET remains a good antivirus, but still needs to improve on unknown threats.

Stars : 4/5 => Very good

Caution : The test is executed with @Loupirade ! ;)


Level 40
great review from both you and as it seems eset needs to improve more their hips becuase unfortunately 0 day malware can still pass through eset defence(HIPS). anyway both of keep up the great work you are doing.;):)
Petrovic you are so right about eset and the video you posted confirms exactly what you mean:)
p.s.:Loupirade i have one request, if it's possible increase the zoom in your videos because the letters and images are small and can't see it clear enough( i don't wear glasses) thanks in advance;)