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Mar 13, 2016
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Hi a few days ago Nieuwsuur (literally News Hour) reported that Dutch Intelligence Agency secretly hacked into Kremlin's Cosy Bear group and informed US about mail hacks of Democratic party, see link

Now Dutch Tax Office, Digital-ID, Backs and IDeal paymeny system are under DDos attack (as mentioned by Reuters in the source link of this news. Same News Hour (Nieuwsuur) now is asking "experts" and gov officials who is behind this unusual large DDos-attck. Are they naive, blind or stupid? Cosy Bear of course! They are just probing defenses and returning the favour.

Is it so hard for journalists to combine those two incidents.? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

An educated guess about the next Dutch malware alert: :cautious:
For the next two weeks people in the Netherlands will receive phishing emails (seemingly from their bank or from government Digi-ID) asking them to reset their password due to last DDos-attacks.
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