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Seems im blind , cheers

Issuer: Let's Encrypt Authority X3
Expires on: 1.8.2020
Current date: 1.8.2020
Actually I didn't check the certificate. I just guessed 😄
Also just noticed, the error I get on Firefox makes it much more obvious about the certificate issue compared to Edge.


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Hi. I'm starting to use edge and I feel very good, but the closing multiple tabs not warn me. where he activated that option? Thank you
I found this in a search. Did you see this already? Good observation--did not realize it had been missing until you mentioned it. 😬



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I found this in a search. Did you see this already? Good observation--did not realize it had been missing until you mentioned it. 😬

"CTRL + Shift + T" brings back previous session also.


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Unfortunately, we’re not able to get the feature to work when we enabled related flags, but it is available to some, as Lumia confirmed. Microsoft also said the feature is always available in Canary for some time behind a flag.


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Dev channel update to 86.0.594.1 is live:
Hello Insiders! Today we’re releasing build 86.0.594.2 to the Dev channel. Outside of the Dev channel, we’re excited to announce that Collections are now available for mobile users! See for what to expect. As for everything that’s new and noteworthy in the product:

Added features:
  • Added the ability to install themes from the Google web store.
  • Added a flag to that will allow the Backspace key to navigate a webpage back (or forward when combined with Shift). This flag is currently disabled by default and needs to be manually enabled.
  • Added an option in settings to turn off suggestions from history and favorites when searching in the address bar.
  • Added website permissions for virtual and augmented reality.
  • Added a link between the Passwords Settings page and the Password Monitor Settings page.
  • Added a management policy to Save Cookies When Microsoft Edge Closes. Note that this policy is intended to be used in conjunction with policies to clear data when the browser is closed, and administrative templates will be updated later.

Top Feedback Summary for August 4:
Greetings, Insiders! In today’s update, we are moving a couple of items around, so let’s jump into it!

First up, y’all may have already noticed that we implemented tab preview in Canary, and we’re updating the status of Bring the tab preview feature from the current version of Microsoft Edge to Planned! Once we know more on when we expect this to roll out further, we’ll update the status for the month we expect to see it out. Also moving to Planned is Some web page fonts are blurry. We’re still working on different aspects of this, and will provide a better timeline on when we expect this to be addressed at a later time.

Additionally, we are considering Bring the Ask Cortana feature from the current version of Microsoft Edge as addressed via an alternative: search in sidebar. Maryam posted a detailed thread on how this feature works a few months ago when we introduced it. Please head over to that thread to see what we implemented and drop some feedback for the team! (In addition to this update, we've added Alternative Addressed to the Status definitions below the list of feedback items.)

We are constantly looking to adjust our decisions based on feedback. On this forum, some users have asked that we track vertical tabs coming. While we are still having discussions on the team about this, we wanted to bring to light that some users started to notice vertical tabs appearing. Once we decide on vertical tabs showing up on this list, we’ll for sure provide an update here.

Lastly, don’t agree with a decision we made? That’s okay, we want to know more about why! Submit feedback directly through the browser to let us know your thoughts. You can do this via Alt+Shift+I on Windows PCs, menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback on all PCs, and through the menu > Send feedback on our mobile apps.