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Feb 9, 2021
1. Visit the website of promotion and download the software. (You can choose between an installer or a portable version)
2. Use the below Reg Name and Reg Key to activate the program. Once activated it should give you free updates till August 11, 2021.



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Aug 15, 2020
Efficient Password Manager Pro is a multifunctional password manager with strong encryption algorithms and synchronization support. With its help, you do not need to remember dozens or hundreds of logins and passwords from various sites and services, but it will be enough to create a convenient database of your passwords and remember just one password to open it. Your main password for accessing the program will be encrypted with the strong SHA algorithm, and the password database - with the 256-bit AES algorithm. Saved passwords can be grouped into categories, and attachments and text notes can be added to them. In addition to storing passwords, the program allows you to conveniently store email account data, software keys, FTP accounts and other information. The built-in password generator will allow you to create strong passwords to protect your account from hacking.

Quick glance of features :-
  • Storing passwords and other data
  • Strong encryption and password protection
  • Backup and recovery
  • Strong password generator
  • Advanced Search
  • Multiple interface styles
  • Free versions for Android and iOS
  • Pro Sort passwords into groups
  • Pro Adding Attachments
  • Pro Read Only Mode
  • Pro Text Editor for Comments
  • Pro Synchronization between devices