Emotet Malware Makes a Comeback with New Evasion Techniques


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Aug 17, 2014
"With the newest wave of Emotet spam emails, the attached .XLS files have a new method for tricking users into allowing macros to download the dropper," BlackBerry disclosed in a report published last week. "In addition to this, new Emotet variants have now moved from 32bit to 64bit, as another method for evading detection."

The method involves instructing victims to move the decoy Microsoft Excel files to the default Office Templates folder in Windows, a location trusted by the operating system to execute malicious macros embedded within the documents to deliver Emotet.

The development points to Emotet's steady attempts to retool itself and propagate other malware, such as Bumblebee and IcedID.

"With its steady evolution over the last eight-plus years, Emotet has continued to become more sophisticated in terms of evasion tactics; has added additional modules in an effort to further propagate itself, and is now spreading malware via phishing campaigns," the company said.

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