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List of apps to compare
Emsisoft Antimalware + Windows FW vs Emsisoft Internet Security
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Exclusive Features & Functionality


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Hey guys,

i'm in love with Emsisoft, but i asked myself which one is the better decision:

Emsisoft Antimalware + Windows 8.1 Firewall
Emsisoft InternetSecurity

Are there any performance problems with EIS?

P.S. Excuse my english skills :D


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In my opinion, Emsisoft Internet Security is better. System impact on EAM and EIS is the same, I don't found any difference on performance in my experience


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Same here, the system impact is the same plus the Firewall included on EIS is simple and easy to use. The only difference I've found is the RAM usage. EAM can go from 40 MB to 80-90 and EIS from 100 to 140-150+ (115 MB on my system at the moment).
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If you are going to use Windows firewall, then you really should use a Guest Account as much as possible or add an anti-executable like VooDooShield or NoVirusThanks Exe Radar Pro.

The reason is that some malwares can disable Windows firewall and UAC while using an Administrator account.

I requested Alexandru, the BiniSoft Windows Firewall Control developer, to add a feature to WFC = alert user when Windows firewall is disabled. (I'm not sure if it has been implemented yet... or even if he is going to implement it at all).

Of the two, I recommend EIS over EAM. EIS is much better suited to typical user as it's correct use and interface are easier to grasp and learn for typical user. More importantly, EIS application firewall is much better than Windows firewall - even if user adds WFC.

The vast majority of users will be much better served and protected by EIS than EAM; EAM requires some advanced knowledge that is not readily apparent.


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Either configurations should work. Emsisoft will suggest their Internet Security, if you use Public or Untrusted Wi-Fi networks.

You can see what EIS has to offer,

A home PC can use either, it's your decision. Since you will still be protected by their Dual Antimalware engine, Proactive Behavioural guard and Web protection.
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I suggest as much as possible go to the combined features first since everything are provided and a little tweak can help all. Emsisoft is known to have very good BB, detection and Firewall so give a chance to explore everything; most case of suggesting layer protection is a part of Firewall where level of difficulty to configure varies.
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