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Jul 9, 2011
Faster, safer and more resource-saving than ever
Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6 is now available

It has taken more than one year in development and while the design remains familiar there are dozens of technical improvements. Want to know more? Please read on for the details of the most important changes.

What's new in Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6?


Completely re-written dual scan engine framework for multi-core optimizations.
450% speed improvement on average – with the same things being scanned.
Advanced caching for self optimizing scans – it gets faster with every scan.
New direct disk access scan mode for better rootkit detection (TDL-3, ZeroAccess, TDL-4, Sinowal).
Changed scan presets - added Rootkit scan, excluded Cookie scan.
Improved false positive handling.
Desired actions to be taken on scan completion can be set before the scan now, too.
The postfixes of infections were changed to !E1 and !E2.
New animation during active scans.
User interface simplifications for better usability.
Added loading scan engine animation in security setup wizard.
Missed scheduled scans can optionally be run on next program startup.

Realtime protection:

Significantly reduced performance impact of the file guard with smart caching.
Optimizations to strongly speed up the boot process.
Reduced false positives in real world use due to internal rating system.
File guard file extensions list can now be reset to defaults.
Internal and custom host blocker rules can be viewed more conveniently now.
Re-organized the guard tray icon menu to provide quick access to common features.


User accounts are no longer required. Switched to a simple key-based system.
Simplifications in license dialogs.
New referral rewards program to obtain a full version license for free by referring new users.
Get 1 month for free by referring another 1 month trial user.
Get 6 months for free by referring a buying customer.
New long term customer bonus program – renewals get 5% cheaper every year.
Improved notification when license is about to expire soon.
Each license is limited to use on one computer now.


Settings can now be exported and imported by category.
Added security prompts to confirm final deletion of files, rules or logs.
Added newsletter subscription link in news area.
Improved update system for greater stability of online updates.
No more use of the registry to store settings – using ini files now.
Code cleanup and improvements to avoid potential crashes and hangs.
Simplified the setup process significantly.
Removed the trojan horse animation.

How you can obtain Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6

Do you already own a valid Emsisoft Anti-Malware license? Perfect - as usual, the upgrade is 100% free for you. Please simply run an online update, or if you don't currently have Emsisoft Anti-Malware installed, you can download the setup file from our product page. Don't have a license yet? No problem, just download the setup file as well and make use of our 30 day trial.

Please note that Emsisoft Anti-Malware 6.0 now asks for a license key instead of a user account. You can find this license key in the Emsisoft Customer Center (choose "Manage Licenses" on the left).



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Jul 9, 2011
The performance improvements are outstanding, the impact on startup and in general has been reduced dramatically, scanning is very fast. Surf Protection has also been tamed, with a lot less blocked connection attempts to suspicious hosts.

Congratulations Emsisoft, on a job well done!

Something to be careful about is that each license is limited to use on one computer now [with up to 3 transfers between different machines within 24 hour period]. It caught me yesterday and I was left with EAM in freeware mode and no real-time protection.

There are still some issues to be sorted out, though. For example, I integrated the Acronis console in Windows Control Panel [Backup and Restore] today and the scan would simply hang, with CPU usage [very civilized otherwise] in excess of 60% and 130+ MB RAM [a2service.exe]:


Solved for the time being by turning the Acronis integration off.

Another issue is the inability to scan in sandboxes [SBIE in my case].


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Jun 14, 2011
I'm just curious when MrXidus or winsevenholic will let us watch their tests of EAM 6 ;)


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Apr 20, 2011
i'll test it.
but, not this today.
thanks pablozi. and thanks nathan for notice about this.

EDIT: test it now. uploading it later. 5hours again. depend my upload speed also.


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Jul 10, 2011
I tested it a perfect job! most of the threats downloaded from mdl/malcode was blocked...only 4 threats were missed (in desktop)...2 of them were blocked by behavior blocker...

so, only missed 2 samples, one here: VT Result

+ The web filter now work (in v5 dont say anything :D)

sorry bad english !


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Jul 9, 2011
Anyone upgrading should be aware that your previous EAM installation will be uninstalled and restart is required. Existing rules and settings will be imported in 6.0.

It's quite possible that the Behavior Blocker and Surf Protection can not be started after installation, this isn't reflected in the notification area [EAM icon will only display a small red square over the shield if the File Guard isn't working], so it's worth checking the Security Status tab. Restart fixes the issue.

I ran a few scans today and although they took longer than before [I think the duration increased slightly after a signature consolidation a week or two ago], the speed is excellent. I don't like the way all scanned objects are counted together, I much rather preferred the previous display - separate count for files, traces, etc, but that's just me.

And yes, the Trojan Horse is gone :(


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Mar 15, 2011
Emsisoft Anti-Malware released

Self protection bug – fixed.
Context menu scan fails with already open scanner window – fixed.
Formatting bug of ADS names in file guard alerts – fixed.
Problem with mixing Domain and Local users in permissions settings – fixed.
Occasional crash on moving detected objects to quarantine – fixed.
Rootkit detection information message box modified.
Minor internal improvements.
Crash on reading skin.ini – fixed.
Engine and quarantine initialize bug – fixed.
ScanBuffer bug – fixed.
Preparations for upcoming features.
Added memory limitations for the file i/o threads to avoid memory starvation on systems with very fast disk setups like SSDs or RAIDs.



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Jul 9, 2011
Emsisoft Anti-Malware released

Manually created host rule disappears from the list – fixed.
Framework module crash – fixed.
Stack overflow crash – fixed.
Code cleanup and internal improvements.
Incomplete uninstalling of drivers bug – fixed.
Internal service crash – fixed.
Crash in quarantine module – fixed.
Occasional crashes reported by users – fixed.
Import/export settings bug – fixed.
Localization reading bug – fixed.

Emsisoft Change(b)log
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