Level 2
Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security – with BETA updates enabled:
  • Improved: Updates scheduler, corrected logic when no new updates are available.
  • Improved: Scheduled scans, corrected display of Last scan time.
  • Improved: Scheduled scan editor.
  • Improved: Scheduled scans, corrected logic when set to “Daily”.
  • Improved: localized all captions of the scan task’s editing form.
  • Improved: wording for the tray icon tooltip during update.
  • Improved: Behavior blocker “Process” column auto-sizing.
  • Improved: Behavior blocker filtering logic.
  • Improved: Progress indication on taskbar button.
  • Fixed: Scheduled scans, “Next scan in …” time, for missed and “On PC reboot” scan tasks issue.
  • Fixed: Scheduled scans, Scan silently was not applied issue.
  • Fixed: Scheduled scans, Default scheduled scan missing.
  • Fixed: Scheduled update intervals issue.
  • Fixed: Occasional Service hang after system wakeup.
  • Fixed: Occasional lost privacy settings issue.