Level 63
Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security – with BETA updates enabled:

This update will require a reboot when you have Emsisoft Internet Security installed.

  • Improved: Logic for “Update rule” alerts.
  • Improved: File Guard has been enabled for network shares.
  • Improved: Consistency between Offline mode state and the corresponding text on the tray icon menu item.
  • Improved: Skipped Anti Malware Network lookup for trusted processes/files on File properties dialog.
  • Improved: Behavior Blocker panel’s grid filling procedure to avoid occasional hangs on GUI close.
  • Improved: Behavior Blocker panel’s process reputation.
  • Improved: Stability of the scheduler (scan/update).
  • Improved: Scheduled scans with setting “After online update” will only be executed after updates were received.
  • Improved: Synchronization when a scan task is waiting for another task to complete.
  • Improved: Behavior of scheduled scan task “Run now” button.
  • Improved: Scheduled scan When/What tabs: logical combinations of settings.
  • Improved: Stability of GUI termination while a scheduled scan is running.
  • Improved: Updater stability.
  • Improved: Auto-update will now start after 5 mins despite CPU load > 20%.
  • Improved: Automatic updates following a failed automatic update were executed too soon.
  • Improved: “Connection error” notifications will be shown for manual updates only.
  • Improved: License remap logic adjusted to correctly handle the modified Hardware ID caused by the Windows 10 update.
  • Improved: Quarantine file submission dialog.
  • Improved: Reboot notifications when the cleaning engine requires a reboot.
  • Improved: Firewall stability and performance in Emsisoft Internet Security.
  • Fixed: Issue where some files were not updated during an update.
  • Fixed: Scanning/cleaning issue in Windows safe mode.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash of a2start when a certain malware type was detected during a scan.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash while opening File Properties in the Behavior Blocker panel.
  • Fixed: Issue where automatic updates were executed during Game Mode.
  • Fixed: Issue with the malicious items Quarantine counter on the Overview screen.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash: “Is not a valid integer value”.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash: “List index out of bounds”.
  • Fixed: Issue with double log items.
  • Fixed: Issue in a2cmd when using parameter “/q=Quarantine” or parameter “/la”.
  • Fixed: Issue where scheduled scans appeared as manual scans in the scan logs.
  • Fixed: Text and state of “New/Current Scan” menu item.
  • Fixed: Issue where the same malware file was displayed twice in the scan results list.
  • Fixed: Occasional BSOD in Emsisoft Internet Security.
  • Fixed: Issue where the Emsisoft Internet Security firewall erroneously blocked network traffic.