Level 63
Emsisoft Anti-Malware & Emsisoft Internet Security – with BETA updates enabled:

This update will require a computer restart.
  • Improved: Ransomware detection in behavior blocker.
  • Improved: Behavior blocker panel processing of filenames with special characters.
  • Improved: Malware detection in scheduled scans.
  • Improved: Main window loading speed.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash when the installer is run with regular windows user account.
  • Fixed: Occasional “Terminated by user” entry in the update log.
  • Fixed: Installation wizard doesn’t start after installation on Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Incorrect “Unexpected internal processing error” notification during update and Anti-Malware Network lookups.
  • Fixed: Incorrect “Waiting for component to start” notification.
  • Fixed: Scheduled scan (set as: after computer startup) did not start on Window 8.
Beta updates – 2015-09-01
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