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I am total agree with all issues that The PC Security Channel is having with Emsisoft v9 Beta.
the memory/ram usages and the Icons on the front of Emsisoft v9 Beta. Their
need more customizable within the setting without question. For example, individual that play games.ect.....
This like saying one size fit all!:(

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Ram usage isnt realy a problem. Its technology. if u buy a new pc/laptop than u get enough ram to run any security suit u want. Sure, much people have older pcs and low ram. But u need to go with technologie and a firma need to go too with it. u cant say they need to reduce ram etc if its not needed. im sure they trying to hold it as low as they can, but sometimes u come to a point thats impossible to make it lower and some ppl just cant use some software than.
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