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Mar 14, 2019
Emsisoft Anti-Malware, valid for 1 year, needs to be activated until 2019-06-07 13:59 UTC
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Members @redsworn and @RoboMan solved the puzzle. Both of them are rewarded!


3 - software add-ons designed to fix software bugs, including security vulnerabilities, in operating systems or applications
5 - reports non-existent threats in order to scare the user into installing malicious software and/or paying for unnecessary product registration and cleanup
7 - malicious computer programs that can spread to other files
9 - programs that are not malicious but may be unsuitable for use in a business environment, and may create security concerns (abbreviation)
12 - when the sender address of an email is forged for the purposes of social engineering
14 - change the default homepage and search engine in your Internet browser without your permission
17 - the process of secretly recording keystrokes by an unauthorized third party
18 - files placed on your computer that allow websites to remember details
19 - software that denies you access to your files or computer until you pay a ransom
21 - bugs in software programs that hackers exploit to compromise computers
22 - malicious programs that pretend to be legitimate software, but actually carry out hidden, harmful functions
23 - an infected computer that is remotely controlled by a hacker


1 - a general term for malicious software
2 - a collection of infected computers that are remotely controlled by a hacker
4 - reports of false and unsubstantiated claims, in an attempt to trick or defraud users
6 - takes advantage of a vulnerability in order to access or infect a computer
8 - software that permits advertisers or hackers to gather sensitive information without your permission
9 - the process of deceiving recipients into sharing sensitive information with an unknown third party
10 - protocols for establishing authentication between agents at the beginning of a session and negotiates cryptographic keys for use during the session
11 - a form of trap security specialists use to detect hacking attacks or collect malware samples
13 - prevents unauthorized access to a computer or network
15 - allows someone to take control of a user’s computer without their permission
16 - software that displays advertisements on your computer
20 - a piece of software that hides programs or processes running on a computer

  • The first member who solves this puzzle correctly wins 1 Year license for Emsisoft Anti-Malware (for Windows)
  • You can either download the image and put letters on correct places (using Paint for example) and attach solved puzzle in your reply or you can put your answers next to definitions (clues) or quote every clue with your answer.
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It's actually not that hard at all, maybe it is the best to draw it on paper and then solve
Yes, I know it is not very difficult, it is more, most of the answers are simple, what is difficult for me, in this case, is to fit the answers in the English language (often the translators (google type) are not very accurate with the technical words !!) Even so, what is said, great initiative and very original!


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To be honest, I feel it's a little too much Emsisoft advertising thesedays. Even though the software is good, there are many alternatives. As well there should also be the possibility of an AMA round for the other manufacturers.
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