Q&A Emsisoft in 2020 - Is it worth buying?


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Jun 1, 2019
Hello people.

Do you think it's worth buying an Emsisoft license? How is the software in 2020? Is it still worth it? What is your opinion?

His cool point is the simple interface and because it is manageable via the web.

I would like to know your opinion to form my opinion about the software.



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Aug 4, 2016
It's a good question: I have some time left on my Emsisoft licence & a good friend is using one of the two seats, however I'm using KIS, I like a lot about Emsisoft & have for a long time but I do feel they are being left behind - They have made a lot of tweaking changes lately & can be used by a remote interface but for reasons I'm not totally clear about I wont renew my licence.


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Mar 7, 2020
I'm currently using Emsisoft, they're good when it comes to privacy, and offer good protection. They are lightweight, but their behavior blocker prompts you a decent amount, especially if you play games. I feel that other products, like Eset or Kaspersky are better. I have x amount of days left on my license, and might switch over to Eset, or something similar.


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Jun 1, 2019
Yes, the cool thing would be the online console for management and also for the simple fact of changing, I have been using ESET for more than 3 years and I still have some licenses, including one for 3 more years. As the majority said it is clear that there are better security providers like ESET and Kaspersky for example, the more the point would be to change to something different, I am still thinking about it, more likely I should continue with ESET. Thank you guys for sharing your experience with me this is of great help.


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Jul 21, 2017
Emsisoft has been on my system for nearly one year. In my opinion it has provided great protection and performance. It's one of the most committed companies to your privacy. It's very easy to setup. The behaviour blocker can be quite sensitive sometimes but it's easy to whitelist when you get a popup notification.

Emsisoft is currently under test, here on the hub:



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Mar 16, 2019
It's a very good product and like many said above, very good for privacy oriented users. But the behavior blocker is way too sensitive for my test. Like

NihonSwede said, It may often warn you about programs malicious behavior, specially after a program receives an update. It depends way too much on cloud whitelisting so anything that isn't digitally signed may trigger the behavior blockers. I had to ask them to whitelist qBittorrent every time a new update was released. Also had one horrible experience while I decided to try Adguard desktop a go. The behavior blocker prompt 12 times during the installation. It was really frustrating. You have been a ESET user which is totally opposite with almost no false positives.

Now stepping aside my experience, it doesn't happen always and many users are using it without any of the issue I mentioned. So, like any other product it's a must to try out the trial version before making any decision.


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Jun 21, 2020
Like @mkoundo i have Emsisoft on my PC as well, been a customer for quite some years. For my personal needs and habits, it's the perfect combination of protection and performance. The fact that it's UI is fantastic and the company respects my privacy more than some others do is just a big bonus to me.

That being said it is user-interaction-dependent, meaning the Behaviour Blocker while being great it can be experienced as quite sensitive by some users depending on habits and use-case. You can change the notifications, auto-resolve or make the Behaviour Blocker less sensitive manually, but it does the job for me. With my habits i have had barely any alerts in it's default out-of-the-box configuration. Most of the time when the Behaviour Blocker does alert me it's more because the software in question is updating itself while using some sort of code that asks a windows service in the OS for a connection. Then it just gets flagged for Injection, but Emsisoft has always been helpful to me when i mention false positive like that to them and they test it from there on their own. A good example is the mentioned qBittorent or Adguard Desktop by @SeriousHoax above, i never had that issue, but it also may have been fixed by now for all i know.

Personal experience aside, many will use it and never have an issue. It's all coming down to deciding according to your own preferences. It's a great piece of software, scans fast, has a web interface to manage multiple computers, licenses, logs and their respective settings, but i do feel obliged to mention that it is a tiny bit user-dependent at first. Protection wise it's great, but it does get beaten by Eset in static scans. Which is why i use Eset as my second opinion when i finish a full system scan with Emsisoft.

My advice is try them both for a week or two each and see from there which you'd prefer according to your uses and habits. "Why fix it, if it isn't broken." :)


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Jul 27, 2015
Member @mkoundo beat me to the punch, as I was also to suggest watch the ongoing Hub test and it's very first statistic report here on MT. That still has a few weeks to run before it's final, so it's highly recommended to tag along and stay tuned.

A key factor I personal always find very important is a products support. If I recall correct, I have not seen any negative comments specific about their support. Very much the opposite and extra so from the members here on MT. That's automatic good advertising for them and the product. I personal also like set and forget products. It's also has one of the best developers on the planet : @Fabian Wosar (y) I recommend read his Q&A thread from 2019.


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Mar 29, 2018
A key factor I personal always find very important is a products support. If I recall correct, I have not seen any negative comments specific about their support. Very much the opposite and extra so from the members here on MT.
I got free support for some issues with EEK caused by some 3rd party FW leftovers. They were very generous with their time. Can't say enough about them! (y)(y)