Emsisoft Website Hit by DDoS Attack as Company Releases Ransomware Decrypter

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    In the past week, two security firms, Dr.Web and Emsisoft, suffered DDoS attacks at the hands of cyber-criminals who attempted to bring down their websites as payback for meddling with their illegal activities.

    The first attack hit Russian security firm Dr.Web, who revealed over the weekend that a DDoS attack hit its Russian and Ukrainian domains (drweb.ru & drweb.ua).

    According to the company, the attack arrived at a rate that ranged between 200,000 to 500,000 packets per second, and it lasted for over two days until its engineers managed to keep it under control and restore full service to its servers.

    The DDoS attack hit the company on January 25, a day after the security firm published research which exposed a botnet that numbered thousands of infected Linux devices, which crooks were using to relay malicious traffic and hide their IPs.

    DDoS attacks hit Emsisoft over the weekend
    Three days later, on Saturday, January 28, Emsisoft suffered a similar fate, when a DDoS attack hit a specific section of the company's portal, the place where Emsisoft hosts ransomware decrypters.

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