End of ESET Social Media Scanner for Facebook

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Dec 20, 2014
ESET technology now integrated directly into Facebook... so ESET Social Media Scanner for Facebook has now been discontinued
ESET said:

We just want to let you know about a change to ESET Social Media Scanner.

We’ve partnered with Facebook, which means that ESET’s award-winning technology is now integrated directly into the Facebook platform. Read more about it here »

As a result – and after securing 73,441,194,563 links – ESET Social Media Scanner is being discontinued as a stand-alone application for Facebook.

However, you can still enjoy full protection from ESET Social Media Scanner on Twitter, where you can use it to scan your timeline and lists automatically.

For even more scanning capability, why not try ESET Online Scanner to check and remove threats on your local drives? It’s effective, easy to use, and free.

Your friends at ESET

For more information, go here: https://socialmediascanner.eset.com/#/profiles/eol

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