List of current issues
I don't know if the video card and the four disks fit.
Steps taken, but unsuccessful?
None because I'm still waiting for the components to be brought to me.

Lobito Punky

Level 12
Hi, I have a 2.5 ssd and three 3.5 disks. My question is if they fit in the cabinet. Attached is an image of the incompatibility. Thank you very much in advance. Best regards.
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Level 6
I doubt it will be a problem. For one, the R6 supports mounting two SSDs behind the motherboard. Then the case supports 6 hard drives in the drive cage area and you can mount two 3.5 HDs behind the drive cage if you choose. So you can easily find locations for all your drives that will not interfere with your graphics card.

BTW, I always recommend users, while awaiting delivery of their parts, download and read the various user manuals for their components so they can be familiar (and ready to assemble) once the components arrive.

Your case user guide can be found through the Downloads link on the R6's webpage.

I would urge you do the same with your motherboard, PSU, and graphics card.