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Firewall: Avira Free
Really ? Avira didn't provide it's own firewall, even in their paid version. Avira uses windows Firewall :)
Implement some of System Image backup solutions, like Macrium Reflect or AOMEI Backupper. Both have a free and reliable version :)


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Hi @erenchu :)

@bribon77 and you look like brothers :p

No, seriosly, you have to do backups.

With your current configuration you are not well protected against ransomware. Please, let me to recommend you some free software: SecureAplus because it is lightweight and strong, if this soft does not satisfy you VoodooShield is more complete but with more alerts.
A specific free program against Ransomware is Appcheck AntiRansomware and is very light and effective and not annoying with notifications. This program follows the philosophy of "install and forget."

One thing I didn't understand is that you have ublock and adblock running together. It would be better to uninstall adblock from your browser

Thanks for sharing and welcome to MT :)
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@erenchu: Your config will remain in Caution unless You add an image system backup solution to the system. The 2 already mentioned solutions are free and reliable. Consider to run manual backups of Your data to external device.

Also Avira Free does not have own FireWall, so You should edit Your config.

Consider also to add VoodoooShield Free to enhance protection alongside Avira Free for real time protection.

As for on demands scanners: Norton Power Eraser, ZAM Free and EmsiSoft Emergency Kit are good ones...

Thanks for sharing :)
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Hello @erenchu !

Thanks for posting your configuration on Malwaretips!

Please make sure that your UAC is set to MAX settings as this can help your computer security quite a bit.

I'd like to recommend that you implement or use either of the following backup program to ensure that you can overcome problems with your particular system:

1) Macrium Reflect V7 (latest version) free: Macrium Software | Macrium Reflect Free

2) AOMEI Backupper Standard (latest version) free: Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
I must stress that you should keep backups of your computer on an external thumb drive or HDD! Why? So that the backups don't get infected. By all means please do not keep it hooked up to your computer all the time nor to your network.

I’d like for you to increase your on demand scanners (no on demand scanners isn't the best. I would like for you to look into these on demand scanners:

1) Norton Power Eraser Link: Norton Rescue Tools

2) Emsisoft EEK: Emsisoft | Free Download: Emsisoft Emergency Kit

3) AdwCleaner by Malwarebytes: AdwCleaner

I would like to recommend a great antimalware program for your computer that you may be able to find a key for the PRO version which is

1) Zemana Antimalware Free: Zemana Anti-Malware | Advanced Malware Removal Software

Please consider using the following add-ons for your web browser:

1) NoScript

I'm with @harlan4096 with his recommendation on VoodooShield Free too. This is great software that can boost the security of any configuration.

By making all of these changes your security config. will be much more secure!

Let us know if you have any questions!