Video ESET Internet Security 2020 | An appreciated performance boosted by AI Machine Learning !

Warball Communauty

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Feb 20, 2020
Hello ! :)

My video revview of ESET Internet Security 2020 (English Review)

ESET is an antivirus company based in Slovakia. Leader in the world of security and adored by gamers because of its lightness, ESET has always had an excellent reputation, but also "outdated antivirus". For this 2020 version, the company is relying heavily on AI Machine Learning. What I loved is that I was able to set the sensitivity of the AI, which is a point that does not exist among competitors! Detection level, nothing to say... ESET shows that it is very up to date and that it knows how to fight! It is also very fast, analyses are done in record time. It is obviously recommendable and it is our favorite of the moment! ;)