ESET Smart Security 7.302.0 vs Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.1 vs ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 120.104

  • ESET Smart Security 7.302.0

    Votes: 27 84.4%
  • Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.1

    Votes: 2 6.3%
  • ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 120.104

    Votes: 2 6.3%
  • Other (please list)

    Votes: 1 3.1%
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Level 3
Which product give better protection? ESET Smart Security 7.302.0 vs Outpost Security Suite Pro 9.1 vs ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 120.104. Regard to System resources usage.
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Level 37
I (usually) don't succumb to peer pressure,:cool: and neither do I have a penchant for falling in with mobs,:oops: ..but from what I've come to learn about ESET products being both light on resources and also performing well with low false positives, I'd choose ESET; and I have yet to even try it.:rolleyes: Yes, I believe joining the ESET Mob sure beats those angrier communities whom carry torches and bully the poor Frankenstein's monster!;)


Level 8
From what I've used of Eset I like the following.....It has a good detection rate, it has it's own exploit protection, it's relatively light on resources, the web filter works in sandboxie (huge for me at least), it has a large amount of configurations, the HIPS can be set to alert for many things. These are just a few things since I haven't been using Eset for long.
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Those AV's on poll are good, they are equal I can say, it's just depends on what you need (user). Zonealarm is good, it also use kaspersky engine from what I know, Outpost is also good, but since I haven't use it I can't leave any comment about it, Eset is good too, it's light, perhaps the lightest between those 3, but HIPS component on Eset is still need to improved, I'm not an ESET fanboy neither use it, my advice : try those AV's (trial) then you can choose which one is suite your need. :)


Level 18
Choose the one that is most compatible and stable with your system.

Aside from that, from the 'protection' point of view, ESET has my vote.
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