Eset Smart Security vs Kaspersky IS vs Comodo IS vs Trendmicro IS

  • Eset Smart Security

    Votes: 45 53.6%
  • Kaspersky Internet Security

    Votes: 32 38.1%
  • Comodo Internet Security

    Votes: 15 17.9%
  • Trendmicro Internet Security

    Votes: 10 11.9%
  • Total voters
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List of apps to compare
Eset Smart Security vs Kaspersky IS vs Comodo IS vs Trendmicro IS
What I am most interested about
Exclusive Features & Functionality


And here we go again :rolleyes: :D

From my personal experience, ESET is very light, powerful and easy to use. TrendMicro has weak detection but strong proactive defense, Kaspersky has great detection, has rollback technology and it has application control. COMODO (which i use), is very light, uses only 7 MB of RAM, and their proactive defense (Defense+ and HIPS + Viruscope) is great,it's not everything in detection.

Best way is see for yourself which one suites you and your needs :)


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I will try to make it simplified as possible.

TM is know for superb cloud protection

ESET for rapid detection.

Kaspersky for big boy that contains strong components and optimal protection.

Comodo for advance/experience user due to the Big Three components.

Better make a little comprehensive research since same testimonies are always provided. :)


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For me Eset is the best antivirus.
Kasperksy always has problems high memory usage ,while TrendMicro has a low detection rate. ESET is light and has a great detection rate.
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@Andrew999 since you are going to do some tweaking then my suggestion would be the same with your choice CIS.
Comodo offers very good protection when you will modify default settings;).
If you need any help with new settings you can ask @Malware Test who is using it and as i see has tweaked CIS to provide him
a strong protection:).
If you want anything else you can ask me anytime:)


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Sorry @Maxxx58 i just starting using KAV and with Windows 10 coming and some personal matters i didn't have the time
to do some tweaking to see what is better and how KAV performs.
I am using it for a week and still have it on default settings which by the way offer good protection


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Only two real choices here are Eset & Kaspersky. I would've gone with Kaspersky, if my PC had more RAM and a newer CPU.
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