Troubleshoot Every text program on PC is read-only (spyshelter?)


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Dec 24, 2020
List of current issues
Cannot save files.
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
Disabled spyshelter, set "C:" to have write access.
Hi all,
Whenever I try to save a Word, Notepad, Powerpoint etc. file it never just saves, a save windows pops up and asks me to save it, then attempting to save it with the same name, apparently I don't have permission to save files on my pc anymore.
I'm thinking it might have something to do with Spyshelter, I went into "C:" to notice my user account could only read and execute files, so I changed it to write permissions (this is safe/not a security risk right?) and yet I still can't save files.
Any ideas? If it is Spyshelter I am guessing the "folders with write access"/HIPS has something to do with it.

edit: nvm, idk how it happened, but I just got an alert from Avast's ransomware shield saying it blocked access to changes on the desktop from notepad (among other things), so I allowed it now I can save again. random, I disabled spyshelter from startup and it still (didn't) work so i don't think that's to blame.

also i don't want to fully derail the thread but given that's it's been solved, i have another quesiton, do you think avast premium is any better than free/needed?
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