Exclusive: Hacker Selling Private Data Allegedly from 70 Million AT&T Customers


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Nov 10, 2017
A well-known threat actor is selling private data that was allegedly collected from 70 million AT&T customers. We analyzed the data and found it to include social security numbers, date of birth, and other private information. The hacker is asking $1 million for the entire database (direct sell) and has provided RestorePrivacy with exclusive information for this report.

Update: AT&T has provided us with a statement, posted below, and the hacker has also responded.

Hot on the heels of a massive data breach with T Mobile earlier this week, AT&T now appears to be in the spotlight. A well-known threat actor in the underground hacking scene is claiming to have private data from 70 million AT&T customers. The threat actor goes by the name of ShinyHunters and was also behind other previous exploits that affected Tokopedia, Pixlr, and more.

The hacker posted the leak on an underground hacking forum earlier today, along with a sample of the data that we analyzed. The original post is below: