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Once a year, the Delsbo Electric contest in Sweden challenges students to create and improve on the world's most energy-efficient vehicles. This year's champ, the Eximus IV, smashed the competition and all previous records with an electric equivalent of 687 MPGe (0.34 l/100km). Team Eximus, a joint effort between Dalarna University and Chalmers Technical University, has become a bit of a legend in the Delsbo contest, setting new world efficiency records every year from the team's debut in 2016.
"What these guys have done is a potential game-changer for rail travel," says Paul Bogatir, HHK Cluster Manager and chairman of the Innovation Award jury. "Chalmers has created a cheap, well-functioning magnetic levitating train with an impressive control system. The students even hand-wound some of the magnetic coils to keep costs down. The world should stand up and take notice – this is big."