Exploit out for critical Realtek flaw affecting many networking devices


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May 4, 2019
Exploit code has been released for a critical vulnerability affecting networking devices with Realtek’s RTL819x system on a chip (SoC), which are estimated to be in the millions.

The flaw is identified as CVE-2022-27255 and a remote attacker could exploit it to compromise vulnerable devices from various original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), ranging from routers and access points to signal repeaters.


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Jul 27, 2015
It is unclear how many networking devices use RTL819x chips but the RTL819xD version of the SoC was present in products from more than 60 vendors. Among them ASUSTek, Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link, Edimax, TRENDnet, and Zyxel.
  • Devices using firmware built around the Realtek eCOS SDK before March 2022 are vulnerable
  • You are vulnerable even if you do not expose any admin interface functionality
  • Attackers may use a single UDP packet to an arbitrary port to exploit the vulnerability
  • This vulnerability will likely affect routers the most, but some IoT devices built around Realtek's SDK may also be affected
Users should check if their networking equipment is vulnerable and install a firmware update from the vendor released after March, if available. Other than this, organizations could try to block unsolicited UDP requests.

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