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I am running CF with cs settings, and wanted to add F-Secure AV as a complement to it. Upon installation, it identifies CF as incompatible, and states that if I continue, it will uninstall CF.

How do I bypass this action?

Secondly, in the Help file of FSAV, it states that it can be used with other firewalls but if I disable the Windows Firewall Control within the program, it displays a red message that my
system is not secure.

How do I disable WFC permanently within FSAV so I do not receive the "not protected"
message ongoing?



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First, you need to install the f-secure and after that Comodo!
Now you have to remove Comodo then install the f-secure and after that install THE Comodo again.
Btw if it says to remove the Comodo it means they don't work with eachother.. you should not use Comodo FW with f-secure.
incompatible==avoid it :)
that red message doesn't matter don't mind it, no way to disable win fw from f-secure GUI


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I think itis a fault in all of f-secure's installers. when I did use them ( Internet Security ) it gave compatibillity warnings with multiple programms I did want to install : shadow defender , peerblock , zemana , malwarebytes. so I will not use it again.


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Follow @public enemy's suggestion. Uninstall CFW, install F-Secure and reinstall CFW again. Bitdefender has similar issues, F-Secure uses bitdefender engine so the issue might be similar.
Bitdefender, Kaspersky, F-Secure, Zonealarm among other well knowns use the very same engine/clone. I'll give F-Secure a nod as they promote that your data will never be released to any government entity whatsoever.


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If you're running W10, you would install CF alongside WD. I believe this the best option when it comes to compatibility.


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Just telling you, performance-wise, I wouldn't recommend that combo. I would rather recommend using Comodo Firewall alongside with Avast, it's lightweight and powerful :D


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Some have with F-Secure uninstalled incompatible software, installed F-Secure then reinstalled the software that's incompatible & added the .exe/folder of the offending programs to F-secure exclusions? It's a pity that F-Secure has such a rigid approach to incompatible software, as programs such as Shadow Defender are a personal must for me. However it's their program, I really like F-Secure though.

If you have a look on their forum they are more than happy to give advice on incompatible software that are having issues with updates/conflicts such as Mbam. HitmanPro, etc.And seem quite happy for users to use another firewall. Most threads ended up with the advice exclude & see how it goes? It would seem it's the initial install that's the problem.
I had an email from Emsisoft & their opinion also is not to use other products at the side of theirs as they may be using a similar scanner makes sense. So F-Secure are not alone :)
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