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    They only promote this deal in France, it seems, but it works anywhere. Gotta jump through some hoops.

    1. Make a free account at f-secure safe (F-Secure SAFE).
    2. On the My Safe page click f-secure freedome
    3. click Generate a voucher and copy the code generated.
    Install freedome vpn on three of your devices (anything goes: mac, windows, ios, android). No need to set up an account. Click subscription -> I have a code -> paste the code that you generated earlier -> done.

    One code is good for for three devices. Use burner emails etc - you get the drift.

    courtesy of redditor methandreddit in r/vpncoupons.


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    I used this on top of the free 6month trial I had working that I got from here
    now I have a long time of good free VPN ;) THANKS!!!


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    I am having Fatal Error on startup of Freedome, my system is Windows 10 Home x64 :(

    "Data required to run Freedome is missing or corrupted. Please reinstall the software."

    I've reinstalled using GeekUninstaller, yet no solution..


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    It is obvious what to do from the original post so there is no need to flaunt it.Thread closed.
    If you have a question about this giveaway Pm the OP or myself or @BoraMurdar
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