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I understand its Free vs Paid product comparision but anyway


If a security soft ranks amongst the top performing AVs, it won't matter much if it does function correctly or causes problems on your specific system.

From lab test results F-Secure has an edge over Panda during testing the past few years in terms of detection (although higher false positives).

From users, it seems more prefer Panda - which is one of Neil Rubenking's (PCMag) favs (that don't mean much - but that is just my opinion).

I'd say, in terms of overall protection, Panda has a slight edge; it might protect your system in a few instances that F-Secure will not.


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RAM consumption: Panda is the winner.

Install and forget: F-Secure is the winner.

User Interface: F-Secure is the winner.

Tweaking: Panda is the winner.

Protection: F - Secure is the winner.

Zero day protection: F - Secure

My verdict is F-Secure because it has good user interface, install and forget, protection level, and zero day protection. Since F-Secure uses Bitdefender signature + F-Secure signature, therefore the detection rate will rekt Panda for good because BitDefender signature is next to Kaspersky.
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In this case I will go for F-secure since its been established very well on their protection/prevention capabilities.

Their Deepguard is one of the active components and we saw it through action. Meanwhile Panda's BB is barely to be a last resort when samples are bypass.
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F-Secure certainly has better signatures & their deep guard technology comes effective against some tough malwares as well. Panda being a cloud product uses less RAM than F-Secure. I have very recently tested Panda IS 2016 & found it little bit buggy. Sometimes the scan get stuck at a Point, the behavior blocker comes turned off by default & doesn't react to threats many a times. Even if you compare Panda IS with F-Secure, i am quiet sure that F-Secure is going to be a clear winner.
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