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Despite the fact that i use F-Secure and i'm an Avira fan i choose Norton for better zero-day protection.


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Hi ,
Avira Engine is free, SO you can use it with any security , just stop Real time protection and Schedule scan every 1 week .

The choice become Norton and FS :

No Way , ( FS is best engine + very low false positive ) = High detection rate

Norton : ( V. good engine + high rate of false positive )= medium detection rate
lighter after some time
As long you don't mind with the price, then I'd like to vote for Norton, those 3 are just pretty good you can't go wrong with that. Although I never try f-secure before but I read many reviews it's a pretty good Av. However if you think just want a free and simple Av, then you could go with Avira. My vote goes for Norton because Norton had so many features like Sonar, file reputation, good firewall etc. And yes..the recent version (since 2014 version) is light :)

Since Norton had file reputation feature, you can check any files you downloaded from the internet before deciding to install it, speaking about protection, I think it's all depends on user actions, so those 3 anti-virus looks the same for me and almost pretty equal.
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The three are good product but..
On window 8.1 i experienced many issues with fsecure so if i have no choice i would go with avira or norton.
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