Extended Trial F-Secure SAFE - free license for 6 months

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How to get a free F-Secure SAFE license for 6 months

1. Install Hoxx VPN Proxy extensions in your browser as an alternative, use the Windscribe VPN app Seed4.Me VPN and connect from the country"Germany". Or turn on the country's proxy simulation yourself if you can't get around the restriction in the way above. Go to the offer page........F-Secure SAFE — Internet Security für alle Geräte | F-Secure (f-secure.com).scroll down the page, enter the name, surname, email address, come up with a strong password and sign up by clicking on the"Akzeptieren und Konto erstellen"button.

Confirm the creation of the account by clicking on the link in the letter you received.

2. Once you've signed up, go to your account page and add your device.

Download and install the antivirus on the Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS operating system.

I did not need a proxy/vpn (from US.) Did however use... Temp Mail - Disposable Temporary Email (temp-mail.org) (y)
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