Facebook’s Onavo Protect VPN is Designed to Invade Your Privacy

Discussion in 'VPN and Privacy' started by John White, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Facebook just rolled out Onavo Protect VPN in the latest update of the Facebook app. Onavo has been held by Facebook since 2013 but now it has officially been brought to the public eyes.
    Facebook hasn't released any official statement on this update yet but the experts and many magazines are likely to disagree with the usage of Onavo VPN by Facebook.

    Source: Onavo Protect VPN by Facebook
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    Woah, this is going too far. VPN for privacy or VPN for marketing? Facebook you must choose either one or the other. Hopefully nobody will use this... Those concerned about privacy know what this is, those regular users who do not concern about privacy won't even use it... Unless Facebook starts spamming notifications to use it.
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    If I knew Onavo was owned by Facebook, I'd never ever even touched it. I hope someone sues them so hard their rears will hurt them for a decade. It's unacceptable that they deceive people in such way because I sure as hell know they used the collected data from Onavo to power Facebook's cancer.
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    The important part of the HTG article is "When you turn Onavo Protect on, however, you are routing all of your internet traffic through Facebook’s servers, where the information is decrypted for them to see." Most clued up internet users will hopefully be very wary of Facebook and some of us survive very happily outside of FB's realm. It's good that Onavo Protect states when you start to use it that " When you use our VPN, we collect all the info that is sent to, and received from, your mobile device." Sadly, my cynical take on Fakebook means I suspect they've calculated that so many of their users will go 'wow a VPN, cool' click to use and that's it, not even reading that very early warning, or if they do they don't take it in. FB gauging that their users are virtually inured to the many cons among the few pros there are to using FB and carry on regardless, chucking all of their data in FB's direction, rather than a lot of it.
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