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I have a relative that I am trying to help out with a problem. Every so often when using Facebook, a webpage will pop up, locked to full screen mode, along with audio, with the typical tech support scam - your computer has been hacked, all your data is being stolen, you will be reported to your ISP, and call this number right away. The web page is always served from an AWS server. Malwarebytes, Hitman, Zemana find nothing. She says she is not clicking on any of the ad links on Facebook, so this just comes up out of nowhere. I have been told asking Facebook for help is not useful.
Any suggestions on what to try next?


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You could reset the browser, if the below tools do not help or find the culprit: How to Reset Your Web Browser To Its Default Settings

Tools below you could utilise to help remove the browser hijack:
Adwcleaner: Download AdwCleaner
RKill: Download RKill
Norton Power Eraser: Norton Rescue Tools (this is fairly powerful, some false positive may occur in use)

I hope some of the above advice can help you in your search to remove the browser hijack.

If you're tech savvy enough as well, you could use NVT Connections Viewer to view all IPs and connection coming into and out of your computer. You can also block on IP address using Windows Firewall with this software too.

If anything else persists head over to the Malware Removal section and make a post, put all the relevant information that he needs @TwinHeadedEagle.