Facebook-commissioned ‘study’ claims Apple’s pre-installed apps unfairly dominate the iPhone


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Nov 10, 2017

A new study has been published that aims to show how popular Apple and Google’s first-party apps are and to specifically make the case that they limit competition as they’re preinstalled. The Verge got an exclusive look at the study that was paid for by one of Apple and Google’s biggest critics. However, Apple says the study was “seriously flawed.”

Facebook paid Comscore to conduct the study that included asking about 4,000 people last fall how they use iOS with default and third-party apps.

The results found by Comscore line up with criticism Facebook has leveled at Apple and Google before – that preinstalled apps on iOS and Android dominate, particularly with basics like Messages, Clock, Photos, Weather, Camera, etc. iMessage is the one that Facebook has brought up concerns about most often.

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ForgottenSeer 85179

Ridiculous that they compare their app with system internal apps - by the way important apps.
Apple do great work here and Facebook get less and less data. See also Apple's ATT which makes Facebook angry.