Facebook is developing a privacy-safe ad product as it tries to save its advertising business


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Jun 14, 2011
Meta Platforms' Facebook is planning a "basic ads" product that doesn't rely on people's information as privacy changes squeeze its ability to collect user data.

Facebook is in the early stages of developing a product that wouldn't rely on any anonymized personal info from users, two ad buyers from different ad agencies told Insider.

"Basic ads," as Facebook engineers have been calling it, is aimed at brand advertisers that are trying to build awareness and shape perception of products. One of the buyers, who are known to Insider but spoke anonymously to preserve their relationship with Facebook, said it would be measured by basic metrics including engagement and video views.


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May 9, 2022
Facebook the king of selling the user down the river. Yup I certainly trust Zuck and company to do the right thing. When donkeys fly.
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