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Hundreds of workers were paid to transcribe voice recordings of Facebook users, it has emerged.

Facebook is the latest company to confirm it has used third-party workers to do such work, following Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. The practice had been halted "more than a week ago", Facebook said. Workers were given audio of people's conversations but were not told how it was obtained, according to Bloomberg, which was first to report the news. Facebook said the recordings were being transcribed manually so that artificial intelligence systems used to automatically transcribe conversations could be improved. It added this had been done only when users had opted in to transcription services and given permission for microphone access. "Much like Apple and Google, we paused human review of audio more than a week ago," a spokeswoman said.


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Really? I simply can't believe my eyes! Facebook would do such a thing? I just won't believe it. These people are part of a conspiracy, spreading stories of hate about FB. They should be killed. Ask Donald Trump. :emoji_fingers_crossed: :emoji_innocent::whistle::sneaky::barefoot::barefoot::barefoot::X3:


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Private conversations on a network, Baloney is the true health food of the future,and maybe the past and present ,Thanks
upnorth for another fine article.There must be something in the water up North there! GL
There are ways to conduct private conversations on a network, but great care must be taken if you want to guarantee it's private. For the necessity of mundane conversations where I want 'some' level of security I have a VOIP server that initiates a mutated 2048-Bit Key with each pickup of the home phone. There is a slight pause for dial tone while the key is generated and the VPN tunnel is established. This provides extremely secure communication on a hardened device that runs on FreeBSD. If I want to notch that up, I make sure the end-user on the other side has the same server and key pairings.

If I want absolutely safe communication I would use Liberte' Linux, install Genymotion, download the Signal APK, establish a VPN, then communicate over the Signal Voice End to End Protocol. NSA/CIA or whatever, you aren't going to hear that conversation.

For day to day mundane communication and texting we just use Threeman. Literally everyone important I communicate with uses Threema.

I'd never use anything associated with any of these corrupt US Corporations to conduct personal/private business/communications/personal matters. Especially after the Google Whistleblower document dump today, everyone should be horrified.


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There is a rumor.... I don't know if it's true...

... That the third-party contract workers assigned to do this work were given audio of my ex-wife talking about herself for 4 hours straight.... and then 60% of them quit, and 10% of the rest of them were referred to psychiatric hospitals.

It's just a rumor.