Fake DarkSide gang targets energy, food industry in extortion emails


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Aug 17, 2014
Threat actors impersonate the now-defunct DarkSide Ransomware operation in fake extortion emails sent to companies in the energy and food sectors. [...]

In a new report, Trend Micro researchers reveal that a new extortion campaign started in June where threat actors are impersonating the DarkSide ransomware gang.

"Several companies in the energy and food industry have recently received threatening emails supposedly from DarkSide," explains Trend Micro researcher Cedric Pernet.

"In this email, the threat actor claims that they have succesfully hacked the target's network and gained access to sensitive information, which will be disclosed publicly if a ransom of 100 bitcoins (BTC) is not paid."

This new extortion campaign consists of emails sent to companies or through their website contact forms that state the ransomware gang hacked the company's servers and stole data during the attack. The email says that the company must pay 100 bitcoins to an enclosed bitcoin address, or threat actors will publicly release the documents.