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A malicious Windows shortcut file posing as a movie via The Pirate Bay torrent tracker can trigger a chain of mischievous activities on your computer, like injecting content from the attacker into high-profile web sites such as Wikipedia, Google and Yandex Search or by stealing cryptocurrency.

Malware on TPB is not a new thing, but the method used to infect a victim's computer and the large amount of varied malicious activities discovered by BleepingComputer are quite interesting.


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Never use torrent sites.:)
Stay away from everything advertising cracks, keygens,...
Will not only get you in legal trouble...

I have seen them on HybridAnalysis regularly, they use to have the word "Torrent" in their name, in order to trick users into executing the scriptor.
It takes time for them getting detected by the majority of vendors, makes them more dangerous than .exe IMO.

Here's a current one:
Special Samples - Malware Mix #10 (13/01/2019)