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A wave of spam emails purporting to come from YouTube direct users to rogue online pharmacies through compromised legitimate websites.

According to Belgian email security vendor MX Lab, the new spam campaign generates emails that bear a subject of "YouTube Administration sent you a message: Your video on the TOP of YouTube."

The fake communications have their header spoofed to appear as if they originate from a email address and are built based on a YouTube template. Their body reads:

There are several links inside the message, including the one, one on the word "inbox," one on "YouTube Administration," as well as three in top right menu, "help center," "e-mail options" and, ironically, "report spam."

All links point to redirect scripts hosted on legitimate compromised websites that further take users to sites pushing unregulated drugs under the Canadian Family Pharmacy brand.

Passing spam emails as official communications from social media websites is not a new technique, but YouTube is not a regular target for such campaigns.

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Thanks for the information Jack. I will keep an eye on my account.
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