Advanced Plus Security fakewatchman ChromeOS DFIR System Config 2023

Last updated
Jun 4, 2023
How it's used?
For work or educational use
Operating system
On-device encryption
Other full-disk drive encryption software
Log-in security
    • Hardware security key
    • Basic account password (insecure)
Security updates
Allow security updates and latest features
Update channels
Allow stable updates only
User Access Control
Always notify
Network firewall
About WiFi router
Fine tuned with disallowed all inbound. Penentation tested weekly.
Real-time security
Checkpoint Harnony for ChromeOS + Hardended chromeos enterprise.
Firewall security
Built-in Firewall for Mac/Linux
About custom security
Threat emulation, cdr, zero phishing, always on vpn. Hardended ChromeOS enterprise.
Periodic malware scanners
Malware sample testing
I do participate in malware testing. See details about my testing environment below.
Environment for malware testing
Private Lab and Paid Sandbox accounts
Browser(s) and extensions
Chrome and Brave. UBlock and checkpoint harmony
Secure DNS
Desktop VPN
Wire guard
Password manager
Google Password Manager with custom key + only on ChromeOS.
File and Photo backup
Google Photo and Drive unlimited.
System recovery
Google Cloud image and Linux containers backed up on cloud.
Risk factors
    • Browsing to unknown / untrusted / shady sites
    • Browsing the dark web
    • Working from home
    • Making audio/video calls
    • Opening email attachments
    • Buying from online stores, entering banks card details
    • Logging into my bank account
    • Downloading software and files from unknown / untrusted / shady sites
    • Downloading malware samples
Computer specs
HP Chromebook Enterprise
What I'm looking for?

Not looking for any feedback.


Level 26
Top Poster
Feb 7, 2023
You also can't accidentally run windows malware by accident. Haha
No, that emulation + Content Disarm and Reconstruction is great. It’s a must for security and very effective. Specially when you increase the size of emulated files to 50 mb. I am looking to purchase Check Point Quantum Spark for my home. Will be soon probably.


Level 26
Top Poster
Feb 7, 2023
I wish like Kaspersky or SEP... They included their IPS also locally. Would be nice
Kaspersky doesn’t include IPS. Their network attack blocker fends off common attempts from hackers to detect a machine like portscans but it won’t block exploits and other attempts for lateral movement the way true IPS would. It would block malicious websites system-wide and the equivalent to that is Check Point Anti-Bot. Only SEP and Norton have IPS on a OS level, everyone else uses appliances.

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