Update FastCopy 4 is now available


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Aug 17, 2014
FastCopy is an easy to use program. It is especially useful when you are copying large amounts of data, as File Explorer is not suited for these operations. File Explorer transfers will take longer to complete and they may be more taxing to the system. With FastCopy, you get the additional benefit of verifications, which provides you with proof that the copied files are not corrupt.

The program supports advanced features, such as wiping disk space after operations, changing advanced parameters such as the buffer size, enabling Shell Extension functionality to access the program from the right-click menu or via drag & drop, and more.

A new GitHub repository was created recently that is already being issued for issues reporting and information.
FastCopy version 4 adds several new features to the application, but first the basics. FastCopy is compatible with Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows. It can be installed or extracted and run as a portable version.

Some of its features include multi-threaded read, write and verify operations, support for unicode and paths that exceed the 260 character limit, and that it is not a resource hog because of the way it is designed.

FastCopy 4 introduces two new command line tools: FcHash.exe is a hash computer that supports several hash algorithms, including SHA256 and SHA512. It can be used to compute hashes recursively.

The second command line tool is for FastCopy itself. It is now possible to use it, besides fastcopy.exe, to run commands from the command line.

The new version introduces several other features:
  • Support for OpenSSL.
  • Reduced processor usage when using SHA-256 (about 2/3 less than before).
  • Added option to record hash values without verifying.
  • Added option to always use Low I/O.
  • Added SHA-512 verify mode.
  • Added deleted before copying option in synchronous mode.
  • Improved the hard drive I/O speed.
  • Improved the xxHash speed.
The remaining changes fix issues in the application. Versions 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 address issues in FastCopy 4 and 4.0.1 respectively.