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We all know someone willing to share everything on social media, including sensitive personal information they used as answers to security questions when setting up their accounts on various social networks.

This can include information on schools they're attending, on schools they graduated from, pet names, favorite music or places to eat, and even their mother's maiden name after tagging her in photos shared online.

However, as the FBI's Charlotte office warned today, malicious actors take advantage of it as this type of information can be used to reset account passwords and take control of the accounts and the data stored within.

"The FBI Charlotte office is warning social media users to pay close attention to the information they share online," the alert says. "A number of trending social media topics seem like fun games, but can reveal answers to very common password retrieval security questions.

"The FBI encourages you to be vigilant and carefully consider the possible negative impact of sharing too much personal information online."
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I believe what they say, but not 100%, I think FB also uses a lot of our data. And also for personal work, when I use facebook, I together use NordVPN Teams tool, password manager, antivirus, cookies cleaner and other similar tools. I protect my sensitive data as much as I can, I think it is very important.
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