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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) today warned mobile banking app users that they will be increasingly targeted by hackers trying to steal their credentials and take over their banking accounts.


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The article doesn't say that the mobile banking apps are more vulnerable than the desktop banking apps. It just says that more people are using the mobile apps now, so hackers are expected to give it more attention. I conclude that right now, mobile banking apps are safer, because they are less targeted.


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My mobile still got 03/2020 as the latest android security patch level listed (None newer available atm). Would I ever do online banking on it? NO
Id rather do it on an patched windows/linux.
I think I read a while ago something like:
When you use the same mobile for online banking and the 2factor auth for the bankingapp you get problems with the onlinebanking terms. (Better not talk about the security side of it).