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The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Tuesday has issued a warning about a spike in its phone number being used for Social Security fraud.

Scammers have always used services that spoof the real phone number of a government agency or service to show them on the recipient's caller ID.

With the right social engineering skills, fraudsters can easily trick a victim into sending them money in various forms. Most of the time, the payment is not via a normal channel, which is an opportunity for the victim to catch on the scam.

The Bureau says that recently it has seen an increase in calls that fake the number of its headquarters, 202-324-3000.
To make the interaction appear legitimate, the fraudsters provide a name and a badge number, both of which are fake.
"In this scam, fraudulent callers posing as an FBI agent inform the victim that their Social Security number [SSN] has been suspended" - Federal Bureau of Investigation


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It is my understanding the FBI nor SS will call on this type of incident. If this was a actual problem a certified notice thru the mail from either would be presented with a notice of the problem SS would not ask over the phone for pers info. If this was scam and they provide a name and badge number tell them you will check it you hear is click..............