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Mozilla developers are working on an improved Tracking Protection system for the Firefox browser that will land in version 63, scheduled for release in mid-October.

Tracking Protection is a feature that blocks Firefox from loading scripts from abusive trackers. It was first launched with Firefox's Private Browsing mode a few years back, but since Firefox 57, released in November 2017, users can enable it for normal browsing sessions at any time.

But Tracking Protection is not enabled by default, and to enable the protection for normal browsing sessions, users must visit Firefox's Settings >> Privacy section, and press an on/off button.


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Chrome browser, Opera browser, Brave browser and Epic Privacy browser also have some kind of ad/malware, anti-fingerprinting. anti-cryptominer etc protection built-in but how effective are these as compared to standalone extensions?

For FF you can get

uBlock Origin/uMatrix
CyDec Platform Anti-Fingerprinting

and a couple more will give more protection then the default built-ins


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Wait a sec, if they "Block Tracking" then how do they make money? Possibly collecting our whole data :eek: