Update Firefox 85 gets bookmarking improvements


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Aug 17, 2014
Firefox 85 Stable will be released next week, and the browser includes a number of new features and improvements.
We looked at the browser's new network partitioning feature, support for importing passwords from KeePass and Bitwarden, non contiguous printing support, and improved Home and New Tab Page controls already.

Bookmarking is another area with improvements. When you bookmark pages in Firefox currently, you will have them saved into the Other Bookmarks folder by default with no option to change the default. One of the issues here, apart from the obvious one that made saving bookmarks to other folders a cumbersome operation, is that some users had troubles locating the other bookmarks folder.

Starting with the release of Firefox 85, Firefox will use the following logic when it comes to saving bookmarks:
  • Bookmarks will be saved to the bookmarks toolbar if the user has not saved any bookmarks before or selected a different folder.
  • The last used folder is picked automatically as the default for new bookmarks. Changing the folder will change the default as well.

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